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If you need to get even with someone, then use this website to send them a virtual curse. Choose a curse from the categories below that best suits your needs.

Your penis is shrinking
You will breakout with alot pimples
You are gaining weight
Your boobs are getting smaller
Your man boobs are increasing (for guys)
Your mustache is growing (for women)

You are losing brain cells

You are going insane

Your body odor is increasing
You are going blind
You are going deaf

You will fail in math class
You will fail in science class
You will fail in history class
You will serve detention
You will not graduate

Love & Sex
No more sex
Your sex drive is decreasing
You are turning gay
Your relationship is doomed
Your boyfriend will cheat on you
Your girlfriend will cheat on you

Work Related
You will be fired
No more job promotions
Your salary will decrease

Your family is in jeopardy
Your spouse will be kidnapped
A family crisis is coming

You will lose a court case
You will get a traffic violation
Someone is going to sue you

You won't make the team
You will ride the bench all season
Your athletic stamina is decreasing
Your team will have a losing season

You will be in a car accident
Someone is going to kick your ass
Everyone thinks your gay
Your computer will crash
You will catch a virus
Your computer will be hacked

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